Accented Letters

To type accents or diacritics into the search queries, if the user does not have a keyboard configured for the Spanish character set, he/she may do one of two things: use (1) the Alt key and number key pad, inputting the character’s decimal code, or (2) use the Accented Letter Toolbar provided on the search page.

To input the decimal code manually, hold down the Alt key while entering the following numbers on the numeric key pad.

á = alt-160

à = alt-133

â = alt-131

ä = alt-132

ç = alt-135

é = alt-130

ê = alt-136

è = alt-138

í  = alt-161

ñ = alt-164

ó = alt-162

ô = alt-147

ö = alt-148

ú = alt-163

ü = alt-129


To use the Accented Letter Toolbar, located on the right-hand side of the homepage, next to the search-input area, to create an accented character, position the cursor in the Location, String, Word, or Headword search box at the point where an accented character should appear in the word/headword/string being queried. Then click on that accented letter in the Accented Letter Toolbar. The letter selected will auto-propagate itself at the precise cursor position in the search query. Then re-position the cursor to the search box and continue typing in the rest of the word, or select from the drop-down menu, as appropriate. Repeat as necessary to include additional characters with diacritics.