Placed on the web as an interactive program with the permission of the Hispanic Seminary of Medieval Studies. Projector director: Ivy Corfis. Technical development by Philip Tibbetts. Editorial assistance by Fernando Tejedo and Pablo Ancos, with support provided by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with funding from the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation. For information on the original Boyd-Bowman Léxico hispanoamericano project and the CD-ROM program, please see the History of Project link and Boyd-Boyman's original introductions to his work under this website's About tab.


Minimum requirements

Correct viewing of the Léxico hispanoamericano requires a browser that supports HTML 5 (tested with: Firefox 37, Chrome 42, Internet Explorer 11). Not all features fully function in Safari, so we recommend avoiding this browser. The searches have been successfully tested by the editorial team.


Guidelines for using the program

Please be aware that the searches on the Léxico hispanoamericano database are accessing a large number of context citations and words. Depending on the type of query used, it may take your browser up to a minute to process a search.

It is recommended the user read the Help Guides prior to searching the Léxico hispanoamericano. Help Guides can be found on the Help tab at the top of each web page or by clicking on the search-descriptor word in front of each search box on the home page.