Drop-Down Menus

Location, Source, Headword and Word searches offer a drop-down, auto-fill menu from which the user can select the text, place, or word on which to search. Accents and diacritics must be used in word or place-name spelling for the Location, Word or Headword searches to return results. For help on typing accents/diacritics, see the Using Accents Help Guide. Drop-down menus provide selections of word or headwords in the corpus based on the characters that the user enters. As the enters begins to type, selections appear and change with each additional character inputted. If accents or diacritics appear in the word, the program does not begin to provide selections until the user inputs the character following the letter carrying the accent or diacritic. Accented characters are alphabetized after the non-accented character. For example, "cafee" appears in alpha order before "café".

For Headword and Word searches, the user should be aware that if the last letter of the word or headword on which the user wishes to search has an accent or diacritic, in Firefox the drop-down menu will not offer selections from which to choose until the user hits "enter" [i.e., a hard carriage return] after the word. This action is only required when an accented character occurs in word-final position and is necessary whether using the accent toolbar or entering the character with decimal code in Mozilla. In Internet Explorer, when entering a word with word-final diacritic through the accent toolbar, place the cursor at the end of the word and right click. The drop-down menu will appear. If entering the decimal code, the user must hit enter after the word and then right click. In Internet Explorer there may also be an "x" that appears in the search box on which the user can click to show the drop-down menu. In Google Chrome, after inputting the search item with word-final diacritic using the accent toolbar, the user can click on the arrow that appears on the right-hand side of the search box and the drop-down menu will appear. If inputting the character with decimal code in Chrome, the drop-down menu may not provide complete selections. Drop-down menus will not work in Safari. If the user has configured his or her keyboard for Spanish characters, the drop-down menus may appear automatically in Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome.