Filtering and Exporting Search Results

Filtering search results

Upon running any search, when the results are shown, there will appear on the right-hand side of the screen a search box and an export function, located just above the list of citations.

Once the results are shown, the user can filter the results by searching on a particular word or string. This can be useful for a couple of reasons: first, to filter a wildcard or string search to identify only particular forms of interest. (See help guides on Using Wildcards and Context Word and String Search for information on how those searches may produce a variety of results.) For example, the wildcard search fue_e, described in the Using Wildcards help guide, produces 1,599 results. The user can filter those to identify only citations containing fuere. The user should be aware that the search filter looks for character strings, not whole words, and while the main search routine on the home page recognizes a space as character, the search filter does not.

The search filter may also be useful for proximity searches. If the user wishes to find all the citations where rojo appears in the same citation as the word labio, the user could run a search using wildcards, as described in the Context Word and String Search Help Guide. Or the user could search on the string labio (resulting in 328 citations) and then filter the results by inputting rojo in the search filter box to see only citations that contain those two words.

Moreover the search filter may also be used to filter the results by source text, typing in the 3-letter abbreviation for a certain text, to show only citations from that particular source in the search results. Similarly, to sort results by location, the user could type in a particular location name in the search filter box.

Exporting data

The user can chose to save search results to his/her computer as an Excel or PDF file or Copy from the screen, by clicking on the appropriate function button above the search results on the right-hand side of the screen. To create a PDF or Excel file, upon clicking on the appropriate button, a dialog box then will appear for the user to save the file, in the selected format, to his/her computer. To copy all results from a search directly onto a document, the user can click on the Copy button, position the cursor on a document (new or other) in WORD or other text editor and then hit Control-V (^V). The search results will be copied onto the document.